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    All links included in this website are merely what I think useful for research purposes, and contain different views.
    I do not endorse nor guarantee the accuracy of the contents, and am not liable for any consequences.

    I am not an attorney, and therefore no contents of my web site are intended to be legal advices.
    For more accurate information, I recommend you to contact law firms.

    I do not intend to solicitate any products or services by creating links to the providers.
    My Web site is intended for personal use.

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    I Have Contributed to the Publication
    "Introduction To Internet IR Strategy"!!   [ MoonRight Button ]

    The publication, also edited and authored by Professor Yusuke Kawamura, discusses internet IR strategy, Fair Disclosure Regulation, as well as webcasting technologies. I wrote Chapter VII, Investors' Standpoints and Internet IR.

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    I Have Contributed to the Publication
    "Financial Services Business Method Patent Strategy"!! [ MoonRight Button ]

    The publication, edited and authored by Professor Yusuke Kawamura, discusses business method patent strategies for banking, securities, insurance and trust industries. Under global competitition, deregulation and IT revolution, the development, protection as well as strategic usage of intellectual property is one of the key success factors for financial services market in the 21th century. I wrote Chapter V, Business method patent strategy for insurance, discussed not only on domestic and global patent issues, but also on potentials and key factors for IT insurance!
    (sorry, only available in Japanese...)

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